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Costa Rica Ranch / Plantation

Tropical paradise in Costa Rica, Central America. On the Pacific side minutes from
the beach with wonderful climate. Costa Rica is a democracy, has no army and no hurricanes!

227 ha (560 acres) farm with 100 ha (250 acres) in forest, 100 ha in fenced pasture, and 25 ha (62 acres) in mango plantation with 3,000 trees. Year round river with views. 1.3 km (1 mile) of road frontage. 

Tropical setting surrounds the house with banana, coconut, mango, orange, papaya, cashew. The garden area (~1 ha / 2.5 acres) is completely enclosed with an electric gate entrance. Artesian well (no water pump), public electricity, internet, satellite TV

394 m2 (4,240 ft2) house construction, 3 bed, 3 bath, marble kitchen, office, huge covered porch, local wood used.

180 m2 (1,935 ft2) equipped shop/garage with 2 electric doors. John Deere tractor, tiller, box blade, etc. Small house for full time caretaker.

$3M (million) Financing available or lower with cash
or $300k for mangos    

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